Data Management and Analytics

Data Management and Analytics

Work with nerds who love data.

We believe in the importance of healthy data. Not only does it help make you more efficient, it also makes a great impact on the way you do business.

As industries continue to embrace ongoing digital transformation in many forms, it is imperative that you employ sound strategies to protect and manage your data, which also powers business intelligence and processes.


Data collation
for NGOs

We use a combination of platforms such as WordPress, Google Docs and Google Sheets, MS Excel, among others, to track everything from typhoon alerts to list of institutions providing rescue from natural disasters, relief and other humanitarian goods, as well as hospitals and COVID-19 hubs where people can get testing kits.

Our group has been recognised in the media for our data collation, data sorting, and source verification.

Our ability to establish a data collection standard in real-time has also been a model moving forward for local media outlets as we stressed the importance of keeping the integrity of the information being gathered, disseminated, and shared.

Data analytics for
digital publications

We have extensive experience in daily content planning as well as project management using a variety of task management tools. We can work with local teams as well as remote teams.

We offer daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual analytics for the web courtesy of Google Analytics and have had in the past worked with 24/7 analytics for apps courtesy of Localytics.

We constantly recommend getting comprehensive search engine optimisation (SEO) for websites. Our SEO efforts include working with content metadata, and we are proud to have worked with publications that were eventually listed and approved on Google News.

Content curation
and sorting


We have worked on various projects that involved categorising and tagging of content, as well as database management of digital assets such as text, audio, video, and more. 

Asset library

Coordinating with a lot of teams sometimes require creating a repository for files with cloud syncing, with a file organisation structure and policies involving:

  • Publishing channels = where content is shared with the intended audience (public or secure) 
  • Content = defined by types (articles, internal docs, marketing materials, etc.) and are tagged with metadata (author, dates, etc.)
  • Localisation = related digital assets that need to be translated in different languages
  • Taxonomies = hierarchy of how we categorise and tag digital assets

Our approach

We put a great deal of emphasis on research and developing strategies that will not just make you stand out but achieve underlying goals. This is why we provide different options that will help align your business with your clients and provide more value.

We always research your current core audience and why they support your business. It’s design work, but we definitely consider the brand tone and voice that would connect with your market.

We unravel your world by pursuing connections. Together, we will design your story, and help you find your voice.

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