Collaboration and Consulting

Collaboration and Consulting

Want to join forces?

We discover and share new approaches to teaching and learning, and generate new ideas along the way. We participate in projects that are about to begin or are already ongoing. We can also assist bigger agencies that want to contract projects in order to be more cost-effective.

Explore and engage with us through our respective areas of expertise. Each of us has a role to play in any undertaking. Let’s chat over a cup of coffee (or two!) and work on ideas together.


Artist collaboration

We love working with talented individuals, locally and from across the seas. We are always interested to collaborate on any small or big projects.

Art direction

We oversee your art- and design-related tasks, if you already have a team in place. We come up with informed recommendations on how best a concept can be represented visually.

Creative direction

We provide our creative input on any endeavour, from the brainstorming of ideas with your team to their implementation on a grander scale. We are critical of how you differentiate yourself from competition and how your customers remember you.

Workflow audit

We study the ecosystem of how your company works and executes tasks. We then evaluate points for improvement and design workflows that would maximise resources.


We train you and your team on how to better your skills in the following fields: branding, content, and design.

Our approach

We put a great deal of emphasis on developing strategies that will not just make you stand out but achieve underlying goals. This is why we provide different options that will help align your business with your clients and provide more value.

We always research your current core audience and why they support your business. It’s design work, but we definitely consider the brand tone and voice that would connect with your market.

We unravel your world by pursuing connections. Together, we will design your story, and help you find your voice.

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